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Beatiful italian Model wearing ballet flats shoes

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Beatiful italian Model wearing ballet flats shoes

Ballerine World: The Company

BallerineWorld starts from a passion for this particular kind of shoes. Ballet flats are too often left out when speaking about what's sexy for a foot fetishist. We believe a foot coming out of a ballet flats while the girl is kneeling down, the easy way to dangle them and many other aspects make this kind of shoes seriously hot and exciting.

Today BallerineWorld has everything someone with a passion for girls in ballet flats could ever dream of: thousands of high quality pictures, hundreds of full hd video minutes, all shoot by people with the same fetish. All shoot by professional photographers with a genuine passion for ballet flats shoes.- Fabrizio

Beatiful italian Model wearing ballet flats shoes

Ballet flats of any kind and colours, worn by the most beautiful girls you've ever seen. Worn with different outfits, exposed in the best poses ever, shoot while engaging in a sexy shoeplay, while the foot slowly comes out of it revealing a sexy pair of nylons or just a bare soft foot.

Our content constantly evolves: Full HD Videos and stunning photographs shot with high end video and still cameras. We love nylons and feet as much as our customers do, and we want only the best for them.

Client Testimonials

"I've always been a huge fan of ballet flats: i like them of any colour or shape. And of course i go crazy for girls wearing them and taking them off! I have been looking for a site exclusively focused on them for so long, and couldn't find any. Ballerine World a great surprise."

Jean Claude Armas from Belgium

Jean Claude Armas

"Honestly, i didn't expect much when i joined BallerineWorld: too many times my hopes of finding a site where my ballet flats fetish could be satisfied had been let down. But this wasn't the case here: you guys know how to shoot pictures and videos, it's excactly as if it would have been choosing the camera angle!"

Leonardo Cantieri from Italy

Leonardo Cantieri

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In this section you'll have the chance to meet some of the best Ballerine World models, each of them specialized, among other things, in making Ballet Flats fetish videos.
Obviously all of legal age, incredibly sensual and with sexy feet ready to be worshipped when they remove their shoes.

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